Crazy quilt in strip-improvisational construction

​AL. 1920's  (66x82)

African American quilts have surfaced in the last twenty years and have absorbed the interest of the collectors and the public eye that responds to the Arts. They go way beyond the traditional pattern set construction of what was thought of as a desirable quilt. These quilts speak to people in a way that a modern painting would if you came across it in a museum. They don’t usually keep a set pattern going unless it was a pattern cut freehand. This is what makes them interesting and full of surprises. You might get really bored with a pattern that is the same through out, it could become similar to wall paper or some other decorative background. These quilts rarely seem boring, they usually will have much movement in them to keep the viewers interest.

Egg Timer quilt

AL.  1940's  (68x75)

Strip constructed

​TX.  1930's  (68x82

Strip quilt/triangles & rectangles

​AL.  1920's  (60x70)

FLag depiction/Sarah Mary Taylor

​MS.  (72x82)

Star of Bethlehem

​TX.  1930-1940's  (70x74

Giant Log Cabin 

​Wilcox county AL. 1930-1940's  (66x74

Triangles & strip piecing/double sided1

LA.  1940's  (84x86)

Strip Quilt

​AL.  1930-1940's  (62x79)

Strip quilt

​East TX.  1930-1940's  (72x79)

Egg Timer

MS.  1940's  (66x90)

Strip quilt/flour sak back

​East TX.  1950's  (63x70)

Bars of strip piecing

Al .   1920's (65x88)

Nine patch with strip piecing

Strip Quilt

​East Texas  1940-1950's  (66x84)

Multi directional strip quilt

​Ky.  1940's  (64x85)