I started collecting quilts 35 years ago.  When I started to identify the difference in the construction and the aesthetic  decisions in the  African American communities and the rather constricted repetitive patterned quilts I naturally gravitated to the abstractness of the African American quilts.  They reminded me of great abstract paintings.  From then on I focused my attention on these quilts. I would take road trips every couple of weeks to the southern states which is where I would find these wonderful abstract quilts.  I would get so excited when I would find one.  I just couldn't wait to get it home to examine it thoroughly.

There are many more in the collection than are shown on my home page. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have. 

The quilts in my collection have been shown at the outsider fair in New York with the Ricco Maresca gallery 2006, in Tokyo at Shiseido Gallery in 2007, at the Mingei Museum of International Folk Art in 2011, and at The Bellevue Arts Museum in 2012.   The Mingei put out a book of a portion of the collection called Bold Expressions.  Here are some images from those shows.
Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo 2007
The Mingie Museum of International Folk Art, 2011
Bellevue Arts Museum Washinton,2012