Strip quilt Al. (61x72) wools

Contained strip quilt/pattern variation within

​AL>  1940's  (65x86)

Strip quilt contained in stacks of squares

​AL.  1910-1920's  (65x74)

Giant Log Cabin Wilcox county Al. (66x74)

Improv pattern of triangles

​TN.  1930's  (66x78)

Double sided abstract strip quilt

​East TX.  (74x64)

House Top variation

​TN. 1940's  (80x66)

Strip quilt /dividers/triangles within

​So IL.  1940's  (63x74)

Bold Expressions is a book of many of the quilts in my collection and was produced by the Mingei Museum after a show of the quilts

available from Amazon or Mingei and Bellevue Museums

Strip quilt

​AL.  1930-1940's  (65x70)

Strip quilt /bars

East TX.  1940's  (68x78)

Ren Riley African American Quilt collection

Cross quilt

​MO.  1930-1940's  (66x74)

Multi-toned red stars

EastTX. 1930-1940'S  (60x82

African American quilts have absorbed the interest of the collectors and the public eye that responds to the Arts. They go way beyond the traditional pattern set construction of what was thought of as a desirable quilt. These quilts speak to people in a way that a modern painting would if you came across it in a museum. They don’t usually keep a set pattern going unless it was a pattern cut freehand. This is what makes them interesting and full of surprises. You might get really bored with a pattern that is the same through out, likeing  to wall paper or some other decorative background. These quilts rarely seem boring, they usually will have much movement in them to keep the viewers interest.  There were 140 quilts in my collection that were collected over 35 years. Many of the quilts are now in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian , the High and the Mingei Museums .    There are 50 more of these quilts in my collection that need to be placed.

Cotton work pants quilt/double sided 1

GA.  1940's  (64x76)

Triangles in changing pattern

So Il 1970's (64x80)

House Top

​AL.  1940-1950's  (64x72)