Improv pattern of triangles

​TN.  1930's  (66x78)

Multi-toned red stars

EastTX. 1930-1940'S  (60x82

Multi House Top quilt

​GA.  1920's  (72x78)

Strip quilt contained in stacks of squares

​AL.  1910-1920's  (65x74)

Housetop constructed of thousands of triangles

​East TX.  1930's  (65x74)

Housetop quilt


Contained strip quilt/pattern variation within

​AL>  1940's  (65x86)

Cross quilt

​MO.  1930-1940's  (66x74)


​GA. 1910-1920's)  (65x80)

Strip quilt

​AR. 1930's-1940's  (71x86)

Cotton work pants quilt/double sided 1

GA.  1940's  (64x76)

House Top variation

​TN. 1940's  (80x66)

Strip quilt

​AL.  1930-1940's  (65x70)

Strip quilt /dividers/triangles within

​So IL.  1940's  (63x74)

Double sided abstract strip quilt

​East TX.  (74x64)

Strip quilt /bars

East TX.  1940's  (68x78)

House Top

​AL.  1940-1950's  (64x72)

Triangles in changing pattern

So Il 1970's (64x80)