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  1. Puzzle series 2

Puzzle series 3

Log cabin series 18.5x23.5) mounted on stretcher frame


Log cabin series (18.5x23.5) mounted on stretcher frame

All wool cashmere quilt made from vintage sweaters

Log cabin series (18.5x23.5) mounted on stretcher frame

Triangles & strip piecing/double sided1

LA.  1940's  (84x86)

Log cabin series (18.5x23.5) mounted on stretcher frame

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Strip Quilt

​AL.  1930-1940's  (62x79)

​​These small versions of improvisational quilts were inspired by my collection of Southern made quilts.   There seems to be a cross over of the abstract paintings I was inspired by and my quest for interesting quilts in the antique world.
  As a restorer of antique quilts i have had years to study them and observe their pieced and applicayed constructions.  This enabled me to get into the mindset of the makers a bit and try and see the piecing process as they did .   I believe that these decisions were not haphazard but very much intended.  This is a  bit of a mystery  knowing that many of these rural quilt makers had no influence from museum art works. Their influences came only from their surroundings,  yet they continually came up with some of the most abstract constructions you could imagine with found  and recycled materials such as worn out clothing and bedding or what ever one could find that was interesting.
 After looking, restoring and deconstructing so many of these quilts I started to see the thinking process and then started creating my versions of these kinds of quilts.   All my pieces are made with recycled and vintage fabrics weather it came from clothing or was extracted from old worn out quilts.  Everything I used in the creating of my pieces had a previous life.